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Barefoot Aqua Shoes unisex

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The Elastic Quick Dry Upper unisex barefoot shoes 
are crafted with a natural polymer fiber material.
Featuring thousands of drain holes, they boast
exceptional air-drying capabilities, ensuring

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your feet stay comfortably dry.
Slip into these lightweight wonders and
experience the sensation of barely wearing shoes.

the  Soft Wear-resistant Sole water shoes
are engineered with a high-quality EVA rubber
polymer outer sole, complete with seven
strategically placed drain holes.

Brand Name: oein
age: adult
Closure Type: Elastic band
Outsole Material: Rubber
Level Of Practice: Beginner
Feature: Quick-Drying
Upper Material: Stretch Fabric

Say goodbye to soggy shoes with
every step. Experience the perfect blend of
softness and durability with this innovative material.



Experience the ultimate convenience
with our Easy Wear off/on Portable Aqua shoes.
Designed for versatility, they can be effortlessly
rolled up and folded into compact shapes,
making them ideal for on-the-go storage in your
car or travel bag. With these by your side,
you'll be ready to ride the waves

Simplicity meets functionality
with our barefoot running shoes. Featuring
a minimalist design and a protective rubber
sole, they provide the perfect balance of comfort
and performance. Whether you're surfing or
enjoying other water sports, these lightweight
shoes are your go-to companion.

Versatile and stylish, 
our unisex water barefoot running shoes are
suitable for a wide range of activities.
From beach sports like swimming, diving,
and surfing to land-based workouts like jogging,
yoga, and cycling, they offer superior breathability
and comfort for all your adventures.

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