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BBQ Gloves Silicone

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Heat Resistant
Our BBQ gloves are designed to protect your hands while
cooking, grilling, baking, or handling hot pots.
With an instant heat resistance of up to 1472°F,
these heat-resistant gloves are perfect for
high-temperature cooking and baking.

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Easy to clean and store:
Our gloves for heat can be easily cleaned either by machine
washing or hand washing. The inner side of the cuffs
features a convenient loop for hanging
and drying, making storage a breeze.

Model number BBQ Gloves



Material - Outer aramid + double-sided silicone-

  Inner cotton resistance to

500 degrees Celsius 

932 degrees Fahrenheit

Size: length 32cm, width 15 cm length

Temperature resistance: 500-800 degrees

Celsius instantaneous temperature 10-15s


Perfect fit for everyone
These grill gloves are designed to fit most hand sizes,
providing ample protection for your fingers, palms,
wrists, and forearms. The barbecue gloves are easy
to put on and take off, with a stretchable design that
accommodates various hand shapes.


Premium quality materials
The Heatproof glove's patterned silicone provides anti-slip
protection, while the ultra-high-strength aramid fiber offers
heat resistance, cut resistance, and resistance to acids and alkalis.
The polyester cotton lining ensures a soft and comfortable
interior, striking the perfect balance
between protection and comfort.


While our heat-resistant safety gloves
offer excellent heat resistance, it is important to note
that all heat-resistant materials have limitations.
try to avoid using them directly on open flames
and avoid long exposure to high
temperatures to prevent burns.