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Boundless Voyage Portable Titanium Mug/Pot Set

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Your Outdoor Cooking Experience
with Our Titanium Pot and Pan Set!

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Unmatched Durability

99.8% Pure Titanium - This premium material
boasts incredible strength never rusts,
and resists deformation, ensuring your cookware
lasts a lifetime.

Brand Name - Boundless Voyage
Model - Ti2042C
Hold Boiling Water
 Dishwasher Safe
Material - Titanium
Users: 1-2
Color -1200ml+500ml

Size - Φ140*(H)70 mm (pot),
Thickness - 0.4mm;
Weight - about 105g;
Capacity - 1000ml
(pot)Φ144*(H)35 mm (pan),
Thickness - 0.4mm;
Weight - about 74g;
Capacity - 500ml (pan)
Total weight - about 179g

Superior Heat Conductivity
Enjoy even cooking and faster-boiling
thanks to titanium's exceptional heat
transfer properties.
Say goodbye to worries about scratches
and maintain a pristine cooking surface.

Dishwasher Safe
Effortless cleaning makes post-meal
relaxation even sweeter.

Ditch the bulk! This set weighs a fraction of
traditional cookware, making it perfect for
backpacking, hiking, and camping adventures.

Multifunctional Mastery
The frying pan doubles as a lid and dish,
maximizing space and versatility in your pack.

Compact Storage
The foldable handles and included mesh bag
ensure easy storage and organization in
any backpack or travel bag.

Non-Stick Convenience
Enjoy effortless cooking and cleaning with naturally
non-stick properties of titanium.

Health-Conscious Choice
One of the most inert materials,
titanium is completely safe for food contact
and won't impart any metallic taste.

Perfect for
Camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics, travel,
climbing, fishing, and any outdoor activity
where delicious meals matter.

This top-rated titanium cookware set is a must-have for
outdoor enthusiasts who value both
performance and convenience.

the difference
between titanium and elevate

your outdoor cooking game!