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Butterluxe Women's Hooded Jacket

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unparalleled comfort and performance
with the Butterluxe Women's Hooded Workout Jacket.

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Crafted from premium fabric,
this zip-up athletic running jacket boasts a sleek
design with a back mesh vent and convenient thumb
holes for added functionality.

Brand Name: CRZ YOGA
Model Number: RZ04A
CN: Guangdong
Material: LYCRA
Quick Dry
Butterluxe collection:
81% Polyamide, 19% Lycra
Fit Type: Slim fit, hip length.

this women's hooded jacket is tailored for
workouts and outdoor activities,
exercises, or simply relaxing in style.
Its hip-length, slim-fit silhouette offers a
flattering look while including five deep pockets
ensuring ample storage space for your essentials.

The fabric of this women's rain jacket with a hood
is exceptional, offering an incredibly soft and
lightweight feel.
With its ultra-stretchy composition and gentle
compression, it provides both comfort and
support during any activity.

The brushed texture enhances its shape
retention power, ensuring it
maintains its form wear after wear.

Made from 81% Polyamide and 19% Lycra,
this fleece zip-up jacket combines softness with
resilience, delivering a skin-like touch that moves
with you.

Elevate your activewear wardrobe with
the unmatched comfort and versatility of the
Butterluxe Women's raincoat with a hood.

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