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Cookware Kit Cooking Set

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Non-Stick and Healthy cookware  -
The Camping Cooking Set is made from hard adonized aluminum with
quick heat transfer to save time and fuel,
this camping cookware set comes with a nonstick surface
that stands for high temperature and abrasion which makes for easy
cleaning and healthy cooking. All utensils are non-toxic
and healthy for your body

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This pots and pans Camping Cookware Set
includes 11 pieces set and 3 pieces set.


Material: Anodized aluminum


Cooker: 170 mm x 90 mm

Frying pan: 175mm x 45mm

Tea capacity: 0.8L (140 mm x 80 mm)

Suitable number: 2-3 people

Brand Name: LISM

Model: OUT2098

Compact and Lightweight -
the best pots and pans for Camping, offering an ideal
solution for
boiling water and cooking food outdoors,
folding handles with Thermally Insulated plastic
handles for
convenient carry and ease of storage.
Note: Please do not put
the handle of the pot on the
fire directly, which may burn the handle

Space Saving -
The Camping Pots and Pans Set can be
stored in a compact mesh package for space-saving
and convenient carry. Only 1.6 lbs which is

The longest dimension when
stored is 6.75 inches,  the nontoxic cookware
is designed to pack up small  and take up little
room so that you barely feel the weight
within the pack on your back.

This best cooking set is
perfect for any backpacking adventure,
camping indoor and outdoor cooks
on the open fire

Best Gift for Family and Friends -
get the best cookware set for Family
Camping Cookware Set with
high-quality material and portable design,

making sure that everyone can
safely enjoy every meal in the wild.
Perfect gift for friends, lovers, and family members;
suitable for Christmas Day,
Valentine’s Day, birthday, etc

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