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Double-Sided Pets Brush

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Say goodbye to mats and hello to a smooth,
shiny coat!

This 2-in-1 pet brush tackles any fur,
from thick and long to short and fluffy.

Double the de-shedding power

11 & 16 - tooth side - Makes quick work of loose fur,
leaving your pet feeling cool and comfortable.

Gentle on the skin, tough on tangles
Brand Name: NoEnName_Null


Material: Plastic
Prevent hair knotting

Rounded teeth: No more ouchies!
This brush pampers your pet while effectively removing fur.

Perfect for all coats - Whether your pup has a luxurious
mane or a short, sleek fur,
this brush gets the job done.

Durable and long-lasting - Built to handle even the fluffiest furballs,
this brush is a grooming essential for years to come.

Bonus grip for happy hands

Non-slip handle - Brush away knots with ease and comfort,
even if your pet wriggles a bit.

Give your pet the gift of a tangle-free life!

P.S. This brush isn't just for dogs and cats!
Horses with thick coats love it too!


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