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Winter Coat Jacket For Small Medium Dogs

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our Winter Puppy Dog Coat,
the perfect blend of style and functionality
for your furry friend.

with a windproof outer fabric,

this jacket provides essential protection against
cold winds during outdoor adventures or hikes.


Item Type: Pet Coat
Material: Polyester Cotton
Color: Green, Khaki
Brand Name: Flightbird

Autumn, Winter
Size Chart

Package includes
1 x pet coat

The plush liner ensures optimal comfort,
keeping your dog warm and snug in chilly weather,
making it ideal for small to medium-sized dogs like
Chihuahuas and Yorkies.

with simplicity and fashion in mind,
this coat suits most dogs and adds a
touch of flair to their winter wardrobe.

The XXL size is specifically tailored for larger breeds,
such as French Bulldogs, weighing up to 7,800 kg. 

Not just a coat
but a fashion statement, our jacket features a hood that
stays securely fastened on the back,
eliminating any unwanted dangling.

The thoughtful humanized design ensures
your dog can move freely,
allowing them to enjoy every moment of play and activity. 



Treat your canine companion to the warmth
and style they deserve with our
Winter Puppy Dog Coat – the epitome of quality
and comfort for the
colder months.

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