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Fishing Floats

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Night Fishing Visibility (Simple & Pro Tone)

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These fishing floats light up the night with
built-in glow stick tubes. Plus, a high-visibility
fluorescent coat ensures you can easily track
your float from a distance, even in low-light
conditions. Vibrant colors also make it clear
when a fish takes the bait.

Brand Name: FTK
Model Number: 5
Product Specs:
Float Type: Floating
Buoyancy Category: Vertical Buoy
Shape: Bobber
Suitable for: Reservoirs and Ponds
Material: Barguzinsky Fir Wood
Tail Type: Hard Tail
Body Material: PVC

Built to Last
The fishing bobbers are Made from lightweight
yet durable wood, these fishing floats are built
to withstand the elements. They feature a
360-degree swivel for tangle-free fishing
and seamless compatibility with other tackles.

Enhanced Bite Detection
These sensitive thill floats help you identify bites
quickly and visually. Simply attach the bottom
eyelet of the hook, and the float will indicate even
the slightest tug on the line. This allows for faster
reaction times and more successful catches.

Ready to Fish
This pack includes 5 floats, providing ample spares
and allowing you to share with
fellow fishing enthusiasts.

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