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Fishing tackle kit Hard set

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The All-Inclusive Fishing Lure Kit

the ultimate fishing lure tackle box.
This comprehensive fishing gear kit boasts a powerful
arsenal of lures, including hard baits, crankbaits,
minnows, poppers, vibes, spoons, soft lures, frogs,
and shrimps - all meticulously
chosen to entice a variety of fish.

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Effortlessly organized
in a double-layered fishing tackle box,
you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting,
this kit is designed to elevate
your fishing experience.

Kit A

17 pcs Spoons: 4pcs

Soft Lures: 5pcs

Hard Lures: 1 pcs

Accessories: 6pcs

Model Number: 55526


from freshwater lakes
and rivers to saltwater oceans and beaches.
Our lures are universally effective,
making them perfect for every
fishing adventure.

Kit B

142pcsSpoons: 8pcs

Soft Lures: 49 pcs

Hard Lures: 5 pcs

Accessories: 76 pcs

PVC Box 1 pc: 21cm*10cm*5cm

The Gift That Reels Them In Surprise
the angler in your life with the perfect present! 
This all-in-one kit is ideal for Father's Day,
birthdays, or any occasion.  Suitable for both
experienced fishermen and eager beginners,
it's the gift that keeps on giving -
memories made on the water.

Kit C

22 pcs 

Lead Fish: 5pc

Lead Shrimp: 2pcs

Spoons: 14pcs

PVC Box 1 pc: 17.5cm*10cm*3cm

Kit D


Metal VIB: 3pcs

Spoons: 15pcs

Crankbait: 1pc

Minnow: 1pc

Popper: 1pc

Pencil: 1pc

Front Cords: 2pcs

PVC Box 1 pc: 17.5cm*10cm*3cm

Kit E

Kit F




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