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Floating 65mm 4g Crawfish Larvae Soft Silicone Bait

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All-New Crawfish Larvae Soft Silicone Bait!

Bass beware!
The Crawfish Larvae Soft Silicone Bait
is a fish-catching machine designed to mimic a
crayfish's natural movements and
trigger irresistible strikes.

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Lifelike Action
The Crawfish Larvae Soft Silicone Bait
creates a realistic swimming motion with a high-frequency
tail for unmatched appeal.
Imagine a crayfish gliding defensively,
just begging to be attacked!

Brand: Hanlin

Lure Type: Shrimp Carp Fishing

Lure Weight: 3.8g/pc

Lure Length: 65mm/ pc
Colors:  10 different colors
Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Item No.: soft silicone fishing lure baits set LDX80
Model Number: YYX70
Quantity: 1 pcs
Soft Bait
Length: about 65 mm
Material Bait: Soft Environmental silicone
Soft lure silicone fishing baits kit
Freshwater fishing
Fishing lure
Packing Method: Plastic bag

Durable Design
Crafted with top-quality silicone, this lure is built to
withstand even the most aggressive bites.
Plus, the super-pliable body delivers exceptional
swimming action.

Proven Bass-Catcher
The Crawfish Larvae Soft Silicone Bait
is a favorite  angler, and this Crawfish Larvae Soft
Silicone Bait

provides everything you need to master it.
The lure features varying salt proportions to attract fish
and a special attractant that drives them wild.

Increase your catch
rates with a lure that bass can't resist.
Enjoy long-lasting performance thanks to
the high-quality materials.
Perfect your Ned Rig skills with a complete
kit designed for success.

Best for
Bass fishermen of all experience levels.
Anglers looking for a versatile and effective lure
Anyone who wants to add a proven fish-catching
technique to their arsenal

Don't wait any longer!
Order your Crawfish Larvae Soft Silicone
Bait today and experience the thrill of catching more bass!

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