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Sharky III Spinning Reel 18 KG Max Drag Power for Bass Pike Fishing

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KastKing Sharky III: Tough Reel for Big Fish

The Sharky III is a spinning reel
built for battling bass and pike.
It's got serious muscle,
with a max drag of 18 kg (39.5 lbs!)
to handle even the biggest fighters.
No worries about splashes or downpours –
this reel's water-resistant
design keeps it working smoothly.
Brand Name: kastking

Forget messy water ruining your fishing trips!
Our KastKing system keeps water out of your reel,
protecting everything inside.
No more rust or wonky reels from getting wet.
The Shark Fin spool makes changing
the braid line a breeze - no extra backing is needed!
Plus, smooth bearings and strong hooksets
let you reel in your catch with ease.
Sounds good, right? Let's go fishing!


The special spool lets you use your braid line
without needing extra stuff underneath,
saving you time and trouble.
Super smooth bearings and a quick hook-setting
the thing makes retrieving your line and
catching fish a breeze!

Weighing in at a super lightweight,
the carbon body and rotor offer effortless
maneuverability without compromising strength.
The superior smooth rotor ball bearing ensures
consistent and reliable operation during
your fishing adventures.




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