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Led Dog Collar Luminous Usb Cat Dog Collar

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Universal Fit LED Pet Collar with Adjustable Length:
Ensure a perfect fit for your furry friend with a collar
that can be easily trimmed to size, measuring up to 70 cm.

Versatile Lighting Options:
Choose from three lighting modes -
slow flash, quick flash, and steady glow -
all conveniently controlled with
an easy-to-use push button.
Brand Name: None

Package Includes:
1 x pet dog collar
1 x USB Charging

Convenient Rechargeable Design:
Say goodbye to disposable batteries!
This collar comes equipped
with a rechargeable micro USB,
making it eco-friendly and cost-effective.



Effortless Operation:
Switch between flashing and continuous
lighting with a simple touch switch,
giving you full control over your pet's visibility.

Built to Last:
The durable plastic tube can withstand
rubbing and squeezing,
ensuring the collar's brightness remains
unaffected no matter the shape or activity.

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