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Men's Work Safety Shoes Anti-smash

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Men's Work Safety Shoes Anti-Smash
These work shoes offer robust protection,
featuring a steel toe cap that adheres to
European standards with impact resistance >200J
and anti-static pressure >15KN.

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  The air cushion design and
steel toe shield against impacts,
compression, and penetration from
nails and screws, ensuring
comprehensive toe protection.

Brand Name MJYTHF
Shaft Material: Mesh (Air mesh)
Outsole Material: Rubber
Upper Material: Mesh (Air mesh)
age: adult
Insole Material: Fabric
Lining Material: Cotton Fabric
Boot Height: Ankle
Toe Shape: round toe
Heel Height: Flat (≤1cm)

Puncture-Proof Security Boots Protective
Equipped with a Kevlar puncture-proof
midsole with puncture resistance >1100N,

these steel-toe work boots safeguard 
your feet from sharp objects like nails
and steel bars.

The Kevlar layer ensures
maximum protection against punctures.

Indestructible Sneakers: Reliable and Durable
With an abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant
tread sole

 these air cushion Work Shoe sneakers
offer a secure grip for enhanced safety.

The oil-resistant, 100% polyurethane mounted
the outsole has passed rigorous anti-slip and abrasion
tests, making these shoes ideal for the most 
demanding environments.


Men's Work Safety Shoes with Rotary Buckle
Designed for effortless on and off, even with gloves,
these shoes feature a rotary buckle and air cushion
support to reduce fatigue and energize you
throughout the day.

It’s the best shoe for walking and standing all day.

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