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Mini Air Pump Camping Electric Inflator

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Ultra-Mini Size & Portable: air pump
Weighs only 3.1 oz and is the size
of an egg. (2 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches)

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This portable air pump is easy to carry
in a backpack or pocket,
One-button operation for easy use.
this air compressor pump is Great for outdoor
activities like camping, hiking, and beach


weight: 160g

power: 17W

flow: High-end: 300L/MIN Low-end: 150L/MIN

battery capacity: 3600mAh
Brand Name: flextailgear

Waterproof performance: IP55

Size: 77mm *57.5mm *51.5mm

Size: S

Pressure (charge and pump): High-end: 4.5kpa Low-end: 2.5Kpa

Charging time (Hours): 6H

Battery life: High-end: 30 min Low-end: 60min

Powerful inflator pump:
3.5 kPa air pressure and 180L/min wind speed
for fast inflation and deflation
Well saturation function for even inflation.
this micro air pump Inflates 4-5 swim rings, 6-8 single
camping air mattresses, or 1-2 thick
air cushions on a single charge.
The air-blow function can be used to help
start a fire (not suitable for balloons)

Practical Camping Light
this best portable air pump with-
Built-in camping light with 4500k white
light. (8 LED beads)
3-level brightness adjustment (high, medium, low)
to meet different lighting needs
Suitable for camping, pump-up your tent,
night walking, power outages, etc.

1300mAh Rechargeable
Battery-powered air pump
1300mAh lithium battery works for up to 15 minutes
on a full charge Fast Type-C charging port for convenient
charging with a power bank, laptop, car charger,
or power adapter
Charging indicators: green for finished,
red for 0-99%



5 Nozzles & Diverse Use
the best portable air mattress pump
Comes with 5 nozzles to fit most inflatable products,
including air mattresses, inflatable beds, sleeping pads,
swim rings, inflatable furniture, pool inflatables,
and other inflatable toys.

Nozzle size: 1.15 x 0.33 inches
Consult customer service if unsure about
compatibility with your inflatable products.