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Portable TC-110 Metal Detector

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TC-110: Affordable
Metal Detector Pinpointed

Easy to Use for Beginners:
The TC-110 is a beginner-friendly
metal detector with automatic operation.
It detects all types of metals, such as gold,
including iron and non-iron.

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best metal detector
with precise Target Location:
An audio or vibration alert sounds when a
target is near. The closer you get,
the faster the pulsing sound and
vibration becomes.

This good metal detector
is Designed for Pinpointing:
The TC-110 is a static detector,
ideal for precisely locating buried objects.
It's not intended for digging or heavy use.

Waterproof for Shallow Depths:
This top-rated metal detector, the
TC-110 is submersible up to 10 feet (3 meters).
Keep the battery compartment
clean and lubricate the O-ring
for a secure seal.

Easy Cleaning:
Wash the metal detector TC-110
wand with soap, water, and a
soft cloth to remove dirt or debris.
Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives.

best affordable
metal detectors with Low Battery Alert:
A two-tone alarm indicates a low battery.
Replace the 9V battery promptly.

Battery Replacement:
Turn the battery cover counterclockwise to open.
Match the larger battery terminal with the
larger compartment opening.
Remove the battery for storage exceeding 30 days.

Brand Name: TTAKA7
Model Number: TC-100



Power: Battery-Powered

Packing List:

1xHand Held Metal Detector

1xUser Manual











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