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Portable Military Compass

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Professional Compass
Geared for Accuracy and Durability
This compass prioritizes clear
navigation in any environment.

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Liquid-Filled for Stability
Minimizes needle bounce for precise readings.
Luminous Dial & Marching Line

Glows in low light for easy visibility.
Integrated Bubble Level

Ensures level placement for
accurate readings.

Magnifying View
Enhances detail for clear
map reading.

Rugged Construction:
Waterproof & Shockproof
Withstands harsh conditions.
Military-Grade Housing
Built to last.

Versatile Navigation
Sighting Hairline
Aligns objects for precise bearings.

Adjustable Sighting Lens
Accommodates different eyesight.

Rotating Bezel Ring
Tracks headings and simplifies navigation.

Measurement Conversion Chart
Provides a quick reference for calculations.

Compact & Portable
Pocket-Sized Design

Fits conveniently in your hand or gear.
Lightweight Construction
Minimizes weight in your pack.

Camping & Hiking
Navigate trails and find your way
back to camp.

Hunting & Scouting
Locate landmarks and track wildlife.

Survival & Emergency
Preparedness Maintain direction

 in challenging situations.
Boating & Fishing
Keep your bearings on the water.

Ideal for:
Hikers, Campers, Hunters, Explorers
Search & Rescue Teams
Geologists, Surveyors
Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gift-worthy Compass:
Perfect for anyone who enjoys
adventure and exploration.

Additional Details:
Compass Size: 48mm x 12mm
360-Degree Rotating Bezel

Brand Name: FangNymph

Model Number: /

Size: 16.6x5.7x1.9cm

Waterproof / Water-Resistant
Handheld Type

Outdoor Activity: HIKE

Case Material: Steel

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