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Portable Stainless Steel Stove Wood Burning

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Smart Gasification Design
Unique double wall construction that creates ultra-clean
gasification and secondary combustion.

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Cool air is drawn into the camping wood stove from the
holes near the bottom and then heated as it flows
inside the chamber. The heated air mixes with the gas
from the combusting wood and ignites.
This allows fuel to burn more steadily and
completely with less smoke.


Ignition Device - Not Included

Multi-purpose Fuel Stove

Structure -  SPLIT

No windshield

Stainless Steel

Fuel: No Fuel

Model: OUT2120
Brand Name: LISM

Fuel: charcoal, branches, firewood


1*Camping Stove
1*Mesh Carrying Bag

backpacking wood stove
with Open Mouth Design: Easy to add fuel.
Get rid of the inconvenience of lifting the cooking pot/pan
to add more fuel when using the old
version of top-loader stoves.

Stable Pot Support
A portable camping stove
with 4 flexible non-slip layered arms
can stably support a pot or pan or small cups.

Compact & Lightweight & Strudy
Crafted with high quality this portable stainless steel
wood stove can stand high temperatures and weight.
This camper wood stove comes with a mesh carrying
bag in compact size (5.5" x 5.5" x 3" ) for easy storage and
preserve pack space. Just weighs 14 Ounces.

Environmentally Friendly
this portable wood-burning stove Uses twigs, leaves,
pinecones, and wood as fuel. Leaving no chemical
(leave no trace principle) emissions behind.
This wood-burning stove eliminates the need to
carry heavy, polluting, and expensive canister fuels.