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Saltwater Fishing Fighting Belt Waist Support Holder Adjustable

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High-quality fishing fighting belt
The padded fishing fighting belt is made of ABS plastic,
impact-resistant tough, rugged,
and durable,360° rotary slot

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Reasonable Design
Padding backing fishing belt  provides less strain when
fighting a fish, protecting yourself and
your fishing rods

Brand Name: weihefishing
Material: Carbon
Adjustable Length: 91~115cm
Telescopic Fishing Rod
Top Diameter: 1.1mm
Hardness: HARD
Model Number: FHG_60K
Color: White / Blue
Material: Engineering ABS / Nylon Belt
Hardness: Soft
Top Diameter:: 39mm
Boat Sea Fishing Rod

this fish fighting belt is Easy To Control.
360-degree adjustable spinning deep
rod holder wading belt  assures positive grip of the rod
and flexible control of the rod

Adjustable Waist angler belt,
Seawater corrosion resistance for long-term use,
The fighting waist belt is fixed by a safety buckle,
and the tightness is adjustable
according to your needs.