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Silicone Colorful Frog Fishing Lure

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topwater frog lure
with Double Propellers Legs Design
With Double Propeller Legs, this soft frog bass fishing lure
will cause a bigger splash, which is much
more attractive to fish.

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fishing bait made of an
Upgraded Silicone Skin Rather than cheap PVC or plastic,
we upgraded the lures with high-quality silicone.
So our bass fishing lures are soft, but tough and lifelike.

Material: silicone

Target Fish: Bass, Perch, Pik

length: 8cm/9cm/10cm

Weight: 8.4g/13.6g/16.6g

Quantity: 1 pcs
Brand Name: Goture

Model Number: Soft bait

Material: Silicone

Feature1: 3D eyes

Color: 10 colors

Realistic Swimming
Movement this fish bites bait is
The unique propeller's legs allow it to glide on the top water,
re-enter the water, and then start stirring without jumping.
Exactly like real frogs do.


Long Casting
Easily the best catfish bait is
Professionally designed for top-water fishing,
the size of 3.5in/ 0.46oz allows you to shoot for
long distances easily.
Also, this size fits
most fish including snakehead, pike, and bass.