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Tactical Military Dog Harness No Pull With Pouches

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our Tactical Dog Harness Military No Pull Pet Harness Vest,
specially designed for medium to large dogs. Made from
high-quality nylon material, this harness is water-resistant and built
to last, ensuring durability during outdoor adventures.


 Dog Harness With Pouches

Type: Harnesses
Brand Name: PET ARTIST

Fit for: Medium-large dogs, German shepherds, working dog

 Padded, adjustable, water-resistant

Color: Khaki, Green, Black

Nylon material: Water-resistant and durable

No-pull design: Better control and easier handling

Molle system: Attach additional equipment or pouches

With its no-pull feature,
this harness provides excellent control over your dog's movements.
The handle allows you to have a secure grip, making it easier to guide
and manage your furry friend during walks, hikes, or training sessions.

Our harness features a Molle system,
enabling you to attach additional small equipment or pouches.
This allows you to customize the harness according to your needs,
whether it's carrying treats, toys, or other essentials for your
dog during outdoor activities.


This versatile harness
is suitable for various outdoor sports, including hiking, hunting,
and military-related tasks. It's also great for leisurely walks or casual
outings. The adjustable straps ensure a comfortable and secure
fit for your medium to large dogs.

for outdoor sports, training, hunting, tourism, military, leisure, and more
Fit for medium-large dogs.